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Thick-Soled Athletic Shoes Are the Preferred Choice for Sports Shoes

When many people buy athletic shoes, they tend to only focus on the appearance and trendy style. In fact, the most important thing about sneakers is whether they can meet the needs of different sports. If you still have some confusion in choosing sneakers, please read the following article.

Regardless of the type of sport, matching athletic shoes have a commonality

They can support your feet to prevent injury; increase friction to reduce the probability of slipping; absorb shock to protect joints. According to statistics, more than half of the sports injuries suffered by amateur athletes in the United States are due to inappropriate sneakers. However, different sports have different requirements for sneakers. For walking, shoes with good shock absorption at the heel and sole are preferred; generally, running shoes are lighter and have stronger shock absorption than walking shoes, so they can effectively protect bones and joints. Tennis, volleyball and basketball require sudden stops, lateral movements and fast running, so shoes with thick soles and good friction are preferred. If you are a golf, cycling, football, rugby or softball enthusiast, it is best to prepare a pair of professional sport shoes wholesale.

Matters needing attention in selecting athletic shoes

The first factor to consider when selecting good-looking sports shoes is whether they fit well, but shock absorption, stability, elasticity, and breathability are also very important. Shoes with good shock absorption can slow down the impact of external forces on the feet; stable shoes can protect the ankle; shoes with strong breathability can allow foot sweat to evaporate quickly, reducing the risk of foot infection by bacteria and fungi. In addition, special attention should be paid to five areas:

The shoe upper should be breathable

Sports shoes should use synthetic mesh with good breathability. The toe area should be spacious to allow the toes to stretch; the heel area should also allow the heel to slide back and forth.

The sole should be elastic

The sole usually needs to have an air cushion or some support to have strong elasticity when stepping.

The insole should be removable and washable

The insole of beautiful athletic shoes is the layer closest to the foot, which can reduce the impact of exercise on the sole of the foot and prolong the life of the shoes. However, the insole must be removable and washable to ensure the cleanliness inside the shoe.

The reflective area at night should be obvious

The sports shoe upper should have a large reflective area, which can make people who like to run at night safer.

The shoelaces should be easy to tie

It is best to have speed laces made of knit, plastic or metal, which can make tying shoelaces easy and convenient.

It should be reminded that foot shape should also be carefully considered. Generally, people have three types of foot arches: low or flat arch, normal arch and high arch. For people with flat feet, shoes with a hard heel and strong support should be chosen; for people with high arches, shoes with strong shock absorption and stable heels should be chosen. The method of determining one's own foot shape is simple: wet the feet and step on the ground or cardboard. If you can see most of the shape of your feet, it may be a low arch; if you can hardly see it, it may be a high arch. In addition, old shoes can also be used to judge: put the shoes on the table, if they tilt outward, it may be a high arch; if they tilt inward, it may be a low arch.

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