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CYCN was established on June 26, 2003. Our annual exports in 2019 reached $30 million. Products cover Appeals, Shoes, and Accessories. 

Our History

Factory show

Our Factories provides wholesale, private label, and contract manufacturing in China on an array of Women's and Men's Climbing Flip-Flops, Sandals, Sneakers, Espadrille Shoes, and Lady Ballerina Shoes. 

For questions and assistance related to corporate matters (sponsorship/donations, idea/invention submissions, general feedback for CYCN) or for help with products you order from us, please contact us at 0592 (10 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday).

Technical Help

Research & Development

R&D of CYCN consists of a diverse team of shoe professionals and specialists, all focusing on contributing, within individual fields of expertise, to the creation of new generations of shoes manufactured by CYCN. On one hand, the R&D closely collaborates with the designers, focused on realizing the new conceptual product idea, from the first technical dialogue until final prototypes are presented. On the other hand, R&D works closely with our production units in order to ensure an effective and smooth transfer of the product concepts from the designer’s mind, prior to full production. Within R&D we combine disciplines such as material science and chemistry, biomechanics, and cost engineering with traditional shoemaking, 2D and 3D engineering, rapid prototyping, last & mold development, and upper making and injection techniques. 

CYCN is well-known for its severe QC among customers. How do we ensure QC in our Factories? In our shoe factories, we always look to ensure quality in all aspects of the operation. A clean and tidy manufacturing environment is always the first priority of us to ensure to producing the desired products. 

We believe that well-designed processes always lead to high-quality products. To make sure each step works on its highest efficiency, well-organized operation plans are always necessary before the lines run. 

We pay high attention to those common problems: weak Bonds, Scuff Marks, Asymmetry, Size, Metal contamination, and Sharp Points. Our Factories will do at least 3 runs of testing and quality assurance inspection process. 

Quality Control

Social Responsibility

Implementing a corporate social responsibility program is essentially important for CYCN. This will communicate and ensure that all stakeholders believe that the relationship between them and the company is based on integrity and trust. 

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