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As one of the mature sneaker wholesale suppliers in China, CYCN provides luxurious and comfortable sports footwear lines for the long run. The soft, plush shoes feature responsive underfoot foam partnered perfectly with the synthetic, soft, selectively stretchy knit upper offering 360-degree comfort for high mileage.
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Sports Shoes
Featuring treated leathers and work-boot design, our boots take on trails and sidewalks in style. Lace up these insulated waterproof boots in the morning and rock them all day they're built for comfort, traction and adventure.
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Go out of style? Our Casual shoes? Never. These customer-favourite casual shoes we provide will be around for years to come because comfy, rugged, well-designed leather footwear still looks great with every passing season.
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Our sandals would able to provide you both outdoor or transitional style for your everyday activities. In the locker room, street or trails, these sandals feature adjustable straps and an ultra-soft footbed for total comfort. The modern, sport-inspired design gives a clean look.
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Sports Sandals
Wholesale Gym Bags
Wholesale Gym Bags
As a pro sports bag manufacturer, we keep expanding our accessories Lines based on our customer's great need for functional-oriented products. You will be able to find your next Carry-on friends for daily essential needs or outdoor adventures here on our bag families.
About CYCN
About CYCN

Driven by our constant focus on innovation, CYCN has made creative developing methods as the foundation of our commercial strategy and company culture. As a pro athletic shoes and sports bag factory in China, we are centered on strict quality control and innovation to provide products and services that suit current consumer preferences and the marketplace.

Sport Shoes & Gym Bag Supplier
Sport Shoes & Gym Bag Supplier
CYCN was established on June 26, 2003.
Our annual exports in 2019 reached to $30 million.Products cover Appeals, Shoes and Accessories.


Running Shoes and Jogging Shoes of Sports Type Shoes
Running Shoes and Jogging Shoes of Sports Type Shoes
May 22,2023
Sports Type Shoes: Running ShoesTraining running shoes that can adapt to many road conditions such as asphalt, gravel, and grass are generally comfortable to wear, beautiful and stable. The men's ...
Classification of athletic shoe materialsSports shoes have several types of fabrics, including PVC, PU, cowhide, ultra-fine fibers, natural leather, mesh, etc. Here's a brief explanation of each:P...
There are numerous types of shoes, but they all ultimately serve the function of protecting our feet from harm caused by items on the ground. Sport type shoes, in addition to this function, also empha...