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Company Profile

CYCN is an Apparel and Footwear  Bag brand that was established in 2003. Our Company and Factories provide wholesale, private label, and contract manufacturing in China on an array of Women’s and Men’s Climbing Flip-Flops, Sandals, Sneakers, Espadrille Shoes, and Lady Ballerina Shoes. Driven by its constant focus on innovation, CYCN has made creative developing methods the foundation of its commercial strategy and its company culture. The company is centered on Quality control and innovation to provide products and services that suit current consumer preferences and the marketplace. 

Growth & Learning

In CYCN,we offer opportunities to drive our employees development through feedback, reflecting on areas of strength and opportunity, and pursing development opportunities that grow your capabilities.


Working efficiently of course is important, but no one would turn their hands down if there is a trip! At CYCN, we are having company’s trip regularly through out the year. 

The Benefits of Giving Back

Giving back is at the core of who we are. We offer corporate match programs, personal volunteer hours, and volunteer opportunities so you can give back to what matters most to you. 

Time off

We offer flexible work schedules, vacations and holidays, so you can spend your time how you need to. 

Stay Healthy

Heathy is always the priority concern here at CYCN, and we are care about our employees. Every employees’s Medical plan are pay by the CYCN. 

Company Structure

CYCN Corporation is divisional. This means that the company’s structure contains multiple divisions. Some of them are based on specific products, some are mainly functional. Besides, the design, development, finance, shipping, human resource, document, and Quality Control departments are also parts of CYCN' s divisional. 

Company Structure

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