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Leather Boots Can Create a New Culture

The design of leather boots embodies the spiritual will of human beings in the creation, and specifically designs people's material life style through the creation, and the life style is the carrier of culture. The spiritual, behavioral, institutional, and utensils of all cultures will eventually be reflected in a certain way of life, that is, at the specific human level. Therefore, while creating a new material way of life for people, design is actually creating a new culture.

1. The design of leather boots must be integrated into culture and tradition to form its own style

It is necessary to synthesize the general characteristics and general trends, and reflect the artistic conception of the design, so that leather boots for women can be harmonious with the modern society and become a cultural phenomenon. For example, the shoes of European countries such as Italy and the shoes of Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan have their own characteristics, reflecting the cultures and traditions of different nationalities. In the shoemaking industry, there are many styles that imitate Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is necessary to change the status quo and make leather boots truly go to the world. It is required that leather boot designers, while absorbing foreign advanced design concepts and design styles, must integrate the cultural essence and customs of the nation into the design of leather boots, so that the developed and designed leather boots can enter the international market and create the world. famous brand.

2. The design of leather boots is affected by the environment, clothing, objects of use, psychological factors, etc.

Its image is composed of styling elements such as style, last type, material, color, and accessories, which is itself an artistic design issue. Therefore, a solid artistic design concept and creative skills are the foundation of leather boot designers, and only by mastering the cutting-edge knowledge of modern leather boot design art can the independence and originality of leather boot art design be maintained. The source of creativity comes from the designer's profound cultural heritage, which is the important purpose of our study of shoe culture. It should be noted that shoe culture is not equal to shoe history. The history of shoes is very long and somewhat outdated, but shoe culture is the style and fashion condensed on the shoe accessories of the past dynasties, which will have a huge impact on today and tomorrow. The essence of shoe culture.

Traditional shoe culture and shoe art are essential to the design of modern leather boots. They not only provide us with direct design materials and information, but also inspire our creative inspiration. The design of modern leather mens hiking boots still contains the spirit of traditional shoe culture, the difference is that it uses new materials, new techniques and new designs. However, the spirit of culture has been inherited through technological progress and artistic exploration.

3. The design of leather boots and even product design should embody art and culture together in the work

Only in this way can a seemingly contradictory thing be turned into a masterpiece. At the same time, the design of leather boots must integrate the essence of traditional shoe culture into the concept of modern western leather boots design. It should be noted that this fusion is not a simple addition, but a fusion of profound understanding of culture. Throughout history, leather boot design has oscillated between tradition and modernity, classic and fashion. The combination of China and the West is mainly based on China; the combination of ancient and modern is mainly based on the present; the combination of origin and flow is based on the source. Culture, art and design are like a duck to water and cannot leave for a moment.

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