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How to Choose Football Sports Shoes?

Choosing a pair of sport shoes that fits your playing style is the first step towards good luck. Every player has a different style and preference, which determines the type of football shoes that are best suited for them.

Choosing football shoes - Find your style


Goalkeepers need a pair of football sport shoes that can provide good grip, as well as a strong friction strike area for powerful kicking and passing at the back. They also need better protection.


Defenders usually need to directly confront opponents, so they need a pair of football shoes that can provide more foot protection while helping to cut the ball clearly. In addition, with the increasing demands of modern football for both left and right fullbacks, they need to attack frequently, which means quick speed and light weight football shoes are very important.


Midfielders need a pair of touch and control football sports shoes, which can make the player comfortable throughout the 90-minute game. Midfielders have many types, including organizing, defensive, and engineering, but these players usually have more pass and dribble times and may be more suitable for touch-sensitive football sport shoes.


These players need a very light football sport shoe to enable them to accelerate and turn faster.


Forwards also have two types of speed and strength. The latter needs football sports shoes with powerful friction bars to kick out more eerie curves, increase the difficulty of goalkeepers and increase the scoring rate. For the former, they hope to have lighter weight football sport shoes, which can better save energy and help them with sudden movements.

Choosing football shoes - Choose the studs according to the field of play

Choosing studs is also an important part of choosing football shoes, usually based on the type of court. The general selection method is to choose FG or SG for natural grass, AG, TF, or MG for artificial grass, HG for sand pitches, and IN for flat pitches. However, this selection method is not absolute, and adjustments should be made according to actual situations during the game.

Choosing football shoes - Choose the right size

Even if the football sports shoes are of the same brand, different series of sport shoes wholesale may use different shoe lasts, and the manufacturers of these good sports shoes will also make different shoe lasts to meet the needs of different players' foot types. Relative to Europeans and Americans, Asians have a higher instep and wider foot, so if they wear slim shoes, they will feel uncomfortable.

In addition to foot type, the right size is also very important. One of the most common mistakes made by sport shoe buyers is buying football shoes that do not fit their size. If they are too big, they will be uncomfortable in sudden stops, and if they are too small, they will cause hematoma, toenail detachment, and other consequences. We should buy a pair of shoes that ensure that there is some extra space at the front end to prevent excessive pressure on our toes, and that our ankles are not too tight. If the shoes do not compress your feet from any angle, then congratulations, you have found a pair of well-fitting football boots.

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