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How to Wash a Gym Bag?

Nowadays, many people enjoy outdoor sports. They can exercise and enjoy different scenery outside the city. If it is more professional outdoor sports, the backpack is best to choose a special gym bag. There are different capacities to choose, and the design of shoulder straps will make it easier for you to carry athletic bags when you are outdoors. The material of gym bags is also different from ordinary backpacks, so how to clean a gym bag? Let wholesale gym bags explore for you.

1. First, we should remove food scraps, smelly clothes, or other things from the gym bag. And then we should empty our pockets and turn our gym bags upside down to shake out any dust or debris.

2.Then we can use a clean sponge instead of soap and water. However, if the stain becomes larger, a small amount of soap and water can be used to remove the stain, but the soap should be cleaned.

3.If your gym bag gets soaked, please dry it naturally and store it in your closet.

4.When you wash athletic bags, please use clean water. After catching the tap water, it is best to put it on half to one hour and stir it to fully release the chlorine in the water and the bleach in the diluted water. The chlorine and bleach in the water have chemical effects on your gym bags. If you don't pay attention to this cleaning for a long time, your gym bags will become bad.

5.We can use cotton swabs or small toothbrush to gently wipe the lock, slide fastener and other places of gym bags, and then dry with a towel. The handle, shoulder straps and other places of gym bags should also be wiped with detergent after wetting with a towel, and then dried with a towel.

6. Do not use a hair dryer to dry wet places in a short time, especially the toughness of some fabrics will be damaged due to dry for a short time. We also can not put athletic bags in the sun, and can only put them in a ventilated place to dry.

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