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How to Choose an Outdoor Backpack?

Outdoor sports equipment is often at the forefront of the application of black technology. Some functional backpacks can float on the water and serve as life buoys; there are also specially designed hard-shell backpacks that can protect the rider's back from impact damage. First of all, CYCN will introduce the knowledge about the purchase of outdoor backpack sports bags.

1. The frame structure of the backpack sports bag

This is a very important point! No matter what backpack you buy, it is always more important than anything else that you don't get tired. After all, backpacks are the same as shoes, good-looking is for others, and good-looking is for yourself. A good carrying system can distribute the force on the shoulders to the waist, which is not as simple as a belt design. More importantly, it is the frame structure or carrying system. The frame structure of outdoor backpacks is mainly divided into three categories: external type, internal bracket, and internal frame. The internal type is better than the external type.

The external type does not have a real aluminum alloy bracket, and in a narrow sense, it does not have a frame structure design. It is to fix the sports bags wholesale on a hard frame plate (such as aluminum alloy), and its exterior forms a cushioning block with fillers such as foam or sponge to achieve shock absorption and decompression effects. The bag of this carrying system is usually not suitable for carrying heavy items.

The internal bracket is a professional carrying design, and the interior of the backpack with this design is equipped with X-shaped or parallel double-track metal brackets. This design is evolved from the earliest external metal bracket structure, which has improved its design defects and inadequacies in experience. Its role is to ensure that the back does not collapse when the backpack is filled enough. In this way, it is not difficult to understand why when you put on the belt, there will be a relaxed feeling on the shoulders.

The carrying effect of the inner frame is very close to that of the inner bracket, especially the difference in the actual experience of the short-distance backpack is not very big. As the name suggests, there is a metal frame extending inside the backpack sports bag. Also, the presence of a metal frame plays a vital role in backpack support. The advantage is that the weight is lighter than the internal bracket, but physically we know that the load-bearing capacity and extrusion resistance of this design are not as good as the bracket structure. So this design is rare on heavy-duty backpacks (long-distance, adventure backpacks).

2. The size of the backpack sports bag

Regarding the size of the backpack, many people have a misunderstanding, that is the volume. The size mentioned here is not the size of how many things the backpack can hold, but the matching size for people of different shapes. In a narrow sense, it can be understood as height and width. The height is measured from the upper end of the spine, the back of the neck, and the protruding part that can be clearly felt by the hands, all the way down the spine to the upper edge of the buttocks and the back of the waist. Another dimension to measure is the width of the backpack. We don't need to quantify this precisely, because there are mass-produced mass models on the market, and it is impossible for the height-to-width ratio to fit everyone perfectly. Generally, after wearing a backpack, the width of the backpack without water bottles on both sides is considered suitable if it is close to the width of your waist after wearing a large coat. If it is obviously large, even if the corresponding height matches you, it is recommended to choose a backpack that is one size smaller.

3. Detailed design of backpack sports bag

Never ignore the role of details in anything, especially bad design details. The amount of water in wooden barrels is determined by the shortcomings, a reason. The designer is more professional than us, and he will try his best to make the detail design perfect. But the context of use is different, and a good design is often a bad start. Just because you're hiking in a leafy forest doesn't mean you're invincible with a professional adventure backpack sports bag. Extra straps or an unreasonable side pocket design will make you have trouble getting caught by branches, and may even cause accidents. When it should be concise, it must not be complicated. It is not difficult to understand why the design of the short-distance backpack has given up so many redundant functions.

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