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As a Sports Lover, An Atheletic Bag Is Essential!

Athletic bags are primarily designed for sports travel. They have a simple style, without a top pocket, and the inverted U-shaped zipper design is very convenient. The side pockets on both sides can hold water bottles and umbrellas, and there are zippered compartments and lower openings for storing sports equipment, such as sports gear and sneakers. Considering the weight brought by large capacity, personalised sports bags usually adopt special heat dissipation materials to allow air circulation on the back, and use S-shaped shoulder straps to distribute the pressure on the shoulders.

The role of athletic bags

A backpack is a bag that we carry in our daily life, which can bring us a more convenient experience for our travels. The only difference is the different usage scenarios, so various types of backpacks have been developed, with different types and materials.

The design of athletic bags is generally double-shoulder style, with the back designed according to the natural curve of the body, so as to reduce the pressure on the shoulders. There are waterproof compartments and wet-dry separation inside the bag. One side can be used to place the clothes after exercise, and the other side can be used to place sports equipment such as rackets, gloves, knee pads, etc. In addition, there is a separate pocket for placing sneakers, which is breathable and ventilated. So when we go to the sports field, outdoor cycling, gym, and other places, we need a sports backpack. Of course, it is also suitable to use when going to other places. In essence, a sports backpack is still a double-shoulder bag.

Structure and features of athletic bags

Double-shoulder backpack

Mainly composed of the main body of the bag and the shoulder straps. In order to meet the needs of different sports scenes, the capacity of the bag must be large enough. Generally, choosing a capacity of 40-50 liters is more appropriate, and you can also choose the capacity according to your own needs. Secondly, the material is mostly made of polyester, nylon, and other waterproof fabrics, which are waterproof and breathable, more advanced and delicate than ordinary backpacks.

In addition to the shape, good athletic bags usually have sponge padding on the shoulder straps for more comfortable carrying. The widened and thickened shoulder straps can better distribute the pressure on the shoulders, and the mesh sponge padding on the back further improves comfort. In terms of appearance, you can choose a simple and atmospheric solid color, a bright and vibrant mix and match color, or a low-key and simple pattern. You can choose according to personal preferences.


Single-shoulder cylindrical bag

The main compartment of the athletic bag is not much different from the double-shoulder backpack. It also has wet-dry separation, waterproof compartments, and ventilated pockets. However, the capacity is larger, so it can hold more. The disadvantage is that because the entire bag's weight is on one shoulder, it can be tiring to carry for a long time.

The difference between these two types of backpacks is that the capacity of the single-shoulder cylindrical bag is larger, but it is more difficult and tiring to carry; the double-shoulder backpack is more comfortable to carry, but the capacity is not as large as the cylindrical bag. Everyone can choose between the cylindrical and double-shoulder athletic bags according to their actual needs.

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