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Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Snow Boots

Maintenance of Snow Boots

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Brand-specific waterproof spray

If you have purchased snow boots without a waterproof coating, you can use a waterproof spray to add waterproofing to the shoes. Simply spray the spray gently on the surface of the snow boots, then let the boots air dry naturally for 10 minutes before wearing them. Enhancing the waterproofing of snow boots can protect them from oil or water damage, and extend their lifespan. If the snow boots accidentally get wet, spray them with a new protective coating after they dry. The best time to spray the waterproof spray on snow boots is right after purchasing them.

Brand-specific suede care brush

Gently brush away dust along the bottom edge of the cute snow boots using a brush. A brush with a handle and relatively sturdy bristles is easier to clean the dirtier parts of the boots' surfaces. Gently brush away dust along the bottom edge of the snow boots and wipe in a specific order, avoiding damaging the leather. Repeat the process for particularly dirty areas. After using the care brush, wipe with a towel.

Brand-specific cleaning and care agent

The specialized cleaning and care agent, formulated with the latest scientific research, along with the brand-specific suede care brush, can achieve the best cleaning effect, making the snow boots look brand new. It's considerate to buy, comfortable to wear, and convenient to use.

Snow boot shoe stretchers

Stretchers of winter snow boots can make your shoes stand upright and maintain their shape. Sheepskin material is relatively soft and cannot stand upright like regular leather boots. Therefore, snow boot shoe stretchers can keep your shoes upright, preventing deformation and distortion.

Cleaning Snow Boots

Removing accidental oil stains from snow boots

If snow boots accidentally get stained with ink, you can use a small knife to evenly scrape a certain amount of white chalk powder onto the stain. Let the chalk powder stay on the snow boots for a few minutes, then pat off the excess chalk powder and gently rub the stained area. Repeat these steps several times until the stain is almost completely removed. For severe stains, you can try using sandpaper to gently rub the stained area or a specialized suede cleaning brush, but please note that doing so may cause slight discoloration of the sheepskin at the stain.

Removing rainwater stains

Sometimes, when your shoes step on accumulated water on the ground, water splashes can leave stains on the shoe surface, known as rain spots. Usually, to remove these rainwater stains, simply fold the stained area against itself and rub the two sides together, causing the stains on both sides to rub off each other.


Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with two teaspoons of cornstarch and place the mixture inside the snow boots to eliminate and reduce odors. If desired, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture to make the shoes fragrant. Shake the mixture into the snow boots, then leave it overnight. Shake out the mixture the next day.

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