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Sneakers Styling Design Elements

1. The form factor is the material basis for the design of sports and leisure shoes

Specifically, it can be divided into three aspects: shape, color, and quality. On the one hand, the shape we are talking about is not only the shape and outline of fashionable sports shoes, but also the structural form of sports shoes in essence. This is because sneakers are made up of multiple parts, and the combination of these parts is the structure of the comfortable cool sneakers. The structural design of sports shoes is not only the design of the outline of each component, but the overall shape design of the shoe. This is because in the structure of sports shoes, the shape is mainly shaped by the lamination relationship of the components, so as long as the lamination relationship of the components changes, the shape changes accordingly. Sometimes just swapping the cascading relationship of the parts results in a more polished look. On the other hand, in the design of sports shoes, color design is also a very important part. The color matching of the product can not only beautify the product, but also play a certain role in increasing the price of the product.

There are three aspects to the texture of sports comfortable shoes: First, it refers to the organizational properties of the material, such as organic or chemical, and refers to the organizational structure of the material. Different materials can bring different functions to footwear products. Leather material has strong warmth and breathability, artificial leather has strong support performance, and textile mesh cloth can provide us with good breathability and comfort. sex. The second is that the visual and tactile effects of the surface of the object can produce a variety of different visual effects by mixing and matching different texture materials. The third refers to the decoration process, mainly printing, eagerly cutting, computer engraving and so on. Like a woman's makeup, it can make ordinary shoes a star. Classic black sneakers without decorative craftsmanship only have the texture of the material itself, while decorative craftsmanship can add icing on the cake to sneakers.

2. The functional elements of sports shoes include physical, physiological and psychological aspects

Physical function elements refer to the requirements of physical conditions such as material and structure in the design of fashion sports shoes. For example, a fully wrapped magic buckle is designed in the arch of basketball shoes, which can stabilize the instep and make it function as a shoe and foot. . Physiological elements refer to the design of shoes to meet the physiological needs of the human body. No matter what kind of sports shoes are worn, they must be comfortable, convenient, practical and safe. The elements of psychological function refer to satisfying the demand for consumer psychology in the design of shoe patterns. The factors that have an important influence on consumer psychology are the color, style, material and function of the shoe. In general, the first factor that affects consumption when shopping is the color of the product, followed by factors such as style and material.

Aesthetic elements The pursuit of beauty is human nature, and aesthetics is inseparable from human senses, and visual perception accounts for 80% of all sensory perceptions. There are normal vision and optical illusions in visual perception, both of which play an important role in aesthetics. People's aesthetic tastes will vary due to their religious beliefs, cultural level, background experience and preferences, but they will also make reasonable and fair evaluations of certain things in the aesthetic process, which is resonance. In the design of sports and leisure shoes, the pursuit of beauty not only refers to the appearance, but should conform to the laws of beauty in terms of color, material, craftsmanship and shape. The concept of the beauty of footwear products should be the combination of shape, function, science, art, material and craftsmanship.

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