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What Are the Different Types of Shoes Suitable for Driving?

Athletic shoes suitable for driving

As the name suggests, driving shoes are designed specifically for driving, based on people's driving experience and principles of human biomechanics, the driving shoe design focuses on the heel and the upper, increasing the area of force, which can effectively reduce leg fatigue compared to ordinary shoes. Sport shoes are comfortable and provide quick responses while driving, making driving more comfortable and safe, reducing the occurrence of various traffic accidents.

Many people like to wear cloth shoes because they are soft; most office workers wear leather shoes for formal occasions; casual shoes are worn by both men and women; running shoes have thick soles and are less commonly worn. Many women who love beauty like to wear high heels while driving; as for slippers, girls choose more, there are some sandals that look similar to slippers, but wearing slippers while driving is currently prohibited.

Characteristics of excellent driving athletic shoes

The weight should be as light as possible

Outdoor shoes are not suitable because they are usually heavy and not flexible enough, which can hinder the movement of the ankle. Just like high heels, the heel may get stuck and be inconvenient. In an emergency, heavy shoes may not be able to react accurately and quickly. A light and comfortable athletic leisure shoes are beneficial for driving.

It should fit the foot well

Comfortable athletic shoes are made of composite materials, often incorporating designs such as air cushions and airbags in the structure, which function to reduce pressure, shock, and minimize the impact of running, jumping or other movements, and reduce the force of the action. If the foot and the shoe do not have sufficient fit, it will affect the perception of the strength of the foot, and the consequences of doing movements can be imagined.

The fabric should be breathable and soft

Genuine leather, especially cowhide shoes, are suitable! Compared with other types of materials, genuine leather lasts longer, is more durable, and provides more comfortable foot feeling.

Flat-bottom athletic shoes, high-heeled sandals, high-heeled all-season shoes, and sloped-heel sandals are all tested for simulating brake and accelerator pedals. It was found that, apart from flat-bottom sport shoes, the other three types of shoes will hinder the safety of braking to varying degrees during driving, especially for high-heeled shoes with a single heel.

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