Sports Type Shoes

What Are the Types of Sports Shoes?

General sneaker shoes have these functions: shock absorption, stability, lightweight, and good traction. These advantages are all based on the outsole. So besides the appearance design, what should be paid attention to and worked on is actually the outsole. Because different types of outsoles determine the foot feel and service life of sneaker shoes.

Types of sneaker shoes - basketball shoes

Basketball shoes can be divided into power type and speed type, and they can also be divided into regular version and professional version based on functionality. The outsole of the regular version has horizontal patterns, which is suitable for wearing when playing basketball indoors, and the price is moderate. The professional version adds air cushion and anti-torsion function to the original version, which strengthens the ankle and has a higher price.

Types of sneaker shoes - football shoes

Football sports shoes have rubber studs, and the uppers are mostly made of kangaroo leather or synthetic leather. Football shoes are designed for playing football from the outsole to the upper. For example, Adidas's Falcon series of football shoes are excellent, using falcon eyes to enhance control, directionality, and precision when contacting with the ball. The unique studs on the outsole reduce the pressure applied to the ground while ensuring excellent grip.

Types of sneaker shoes - running shoes

Running breathable sports shoes have rich cushioning functions and breathability. Most running shoes have separate pieces for the heel, improving the efficiency of the movement from the heel to the forefoot. The front part of the shoe has a large space to ensure that the foot can stretch fully inside the shoe.


With the popularity of jogging and walking exercises and the increase in shoe prices, the quality of jogging shoes and running shoes, athletic leisure shoes  has also improved continuously, including excessively luxurious shoes. Nowadays, young people especially like to buy expensive shoes. In fact, as long as the sneaker shoes are lightweight and the outsole can cushion the impact, they are ideal, and there is no need to buy expensive shoes. If you are a specific player participating in track and field events, you must choose spiked shoes or different types and sizes of shoes depending on whether you participate in long-distance or short-distance running, high jump or throwing, etc. The field factor should not be ignored either. Whether the field is soil or concrete is one of the conditions for choosing athletic shoes and must be matched; otherwise, accidents are likely to occur.

Sneaker shoes are designed and manufactured based on people's characteristics when participating in sports or traveling. The outsoles of sports shoes are different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes. They are generally soft and elastic, and can provide a certain cushioning effect. They can enhance elasticity during sports and some can also prevent ankle injuries. Therefore, when engaging in sports, most people need to wear breathable sports shoes.

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