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Material Introduction in the Design of Outdoor Sneaker Shoes

The psychological process of people's perception of material is undeniable, and texture itself is an art form. If the spatial form of the product is moving, then the use of good materials and colors can make the design of outdoor sneaker shoes full of artistry in the simplest way. Materials are the material basis and carrier of design. Any material has its own characteristics. When selecting materials, not only physical quantities such as strength and wear resistance of materials should be used for evaluation, but also the emotional relationship between materials and people should be considered as an important evaluation criterion. Different textures can give people different psychological feelings. For example, mesh fabric gives people a light and breathable feeling, and leather gives people a feeling of thickness, protection, and safety.

The performance characteristics of the texture and texture of different types of sneaker shoes materials will directly affect the final visual effect of the material after it is used in the product. Materials can always bring many new ideas to designers. Designers of outdoor sneaker shoes should be familiar with the performance characteristics of different materials, conduct in-depth analysis and research on the relationship between materials, textures, shapes, structures, etc., and choose them scientifically and rationally to meet the needs of product design. In the design of outdoor sneaker shoes and sneaker sport shoes, the materials commonly used by manufacturers are as follows.

1. Thermoplastic materials for sneaker shoes

It is a hard and flexible plastic material that can provide good support and protection. It can be used on various uppers to enhance the good support of the upper.

2. Sports shoes mesh material

It is a mesh fabric made of nylon and polyester fibers. It is lightweight and breathable, and is mostly used on sneaker shoes.

3. Suede material for sneaker shoes

After the leather is made of cowhide, it is polished to make it soft, breathable and wear-resistant, and has a sense of value. It is suitable for various high and medium-priced uppers.

4. Leather made of cowhide with full-grain leather for sneaker shoes

Breathable, wear-resistant, and valuable, it is widely used in the uppers of various middle and high-end sneaker shoes.

5. Abrasion-resistant reinforcement sheet for the toe cap of sneaker shoes

Made of microfiber. It's very hardwearing and is applied over the toe box for extra protection.

6. Artificial synthetic leather for sneaker shoes

High-grade artificial leather made of microfiber and PU polyurethane, which is light and not easy to deform, as breathable and wear-resistant as real leather. The emergence of each new material and new process will create feasible conditions for design implementation, and put forward higher requirements for design, and new design concepts must also be realized with corresponding materials and processes, which has a great impact on materials and processes. New requirements were put forward, which promoted the development of material science and the reform and innovation of process technology.

Functionality is the basic requirement of different types of sneaker shoes. However, no matter how good the function is, without the support of good form elements, there will be no good market competitiveness. The design of a good pair of outdoor sneaker shoes is always further improved through the integration of shape, color, quality and other aspects. In the process of interaction between people and products, it satisfies the subconscious desire of users and realizes the emotional value of products to meet the needs of customers. people's psychological needs.

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