Sports Type Shoes

Color in Outdoor Athletic Shoe Design

Features of sports type shoes

Compared with ordinary shoes, outdoor sports type shoes emphasize functionality and have different structures. They should also have distinctive color schemes to highlight individuality. When designing, it is important to understand the characteristics of different outdoor activities and turn qualities such as strength, stability, safety, and environmental friendliness into color language, highlighting the colors that best represent the characteristics of the sport.

Target audience for sports type shoes

Men require colors that reflect the solid and masculine qualities, while women can reflect their youthful and beautiful feminine qualities. Young people require color that is both rich and bright, pursuing fashion and trendy colors. Middle-aged people prefer soft and restrained colors that are elegant and generous, while the elderly prefer stable and understated colors.

Seasonal aspects of wearing sports type shoes

The colors that people prefer change with the environment in different seasons. Like other shoe designs, the design of athletic leisure shoes also needs to consider seasonality. For example, outdoor sports type shoes in spring and summer are brightly and lively-colored, radiating a subconscious power of attraction. In contrast, autumn and winter outdoor sports type shoes are designed with a more straightforward and stable style, emphasizing the coordination with clothing.

Environmental factors of wearing sports type shoes

Due to differences in political, economic, cultural, scientific, artistic, educational, and traditional factors, among others, peoples' preferences for colors vary greatly from country to country and from culture to culture. When designing sports type shoes, it is essential to consider the wearing environment, such as soft and natural color combinations for leisure sport series to showcase a relaxed and free feeling. Different colors, such as yellow and orange, can be used for warning purposes, while dark gray and military green can provide a sense of safety and stability when designing colors for mountaineering shoes.

Features of popular sports type shoes

Colors that combine unique features of the times and meet peoples' understanding, ideals, interests, and desires will become popular. Popular colors have a significant impact on clothing, and they also influence shoes. The application of popular colors can meet consumers' psychological needs and enhance the product's reputation.

Color is essential in the design of outdoor sports type shoes, and product color is not an independent presence but rather constitutes a complete color scheme together with materials and surface treatments. The relationship between color and design is like wearing clothes of different materials and colors to express different characteristics. Applying identical color schemes to different materials will produce different effects after undergoing different surface treatments. The feel and effect of sports type shoes colors differ completely with different materials, which is the most significant difference in the application of color between product design and other forms of design.

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