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How to Deodorize Sports Shoes?

Sports shoes are designed and manufactured based on people's participation in sports or travel. The sole of sports type shoes is different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes, generally soft and elastic. It can enhance elasticity during exercise and some can even prevent ankle injuries. Therefore, most people wear sports type shoes when doing sports, such as basketball, running, and so on. However, sweating during exercise can cause an unpleasant odor in sports type shoes. So, how can we deodorize sports type shoes? Today, we will introduce some methods for athletic leisure shoes.

The cause of the odor in sports type shoes

Because sports type shoes are worn on feet all day, it is easy to sweat, and the gel on sneakers will produce an unpleasant odor when it gets wet and hot.

The importance of deodorizing sports type shoes

Because sports type shoes, especially basketball shoes, have poor air permeability, the inside of the shoes is prone to be damp and breed bacteria, especially for boys’ shoes, which are more likely to develop an odor. Once the odor in sports type shoes accumulates for a long time, it is difficult to remove it even after washing several times.

The methods for deodorizing sports type shoes

  • Dip a little alcohol with cotton cloth every night before going to bed and apply it evenly on the just removed sneakers. Wear the sneakers after they dry the next morning. By persevering in this method for two weeks, there will be no odor in the shoes.

  • Take an appropriate amount of dehydrated alum or quicklime powder, put it in a small cloth bag, and place it in the shoes before going to bed every night. The damp and odor in the sports type shoes can be eliminated the next day.

  • Crush a few pieces of sanitary balls into powder, sprinkle them in the clean shoes, and put a shoe pad on top. This will prevent foot odor when wearing shoes.

  • When you first buy new sneakers, sprinkle them with white wine evenly on the sponge soles until they cannot absorb more. After drying, there will be no odor in the shoes.

  • Travel shoes and leather shoes become smelly after wearing them for a while. To remove the odor, sprinkle a small amount of fine table salt in the travel shoes or leather shoes, and the odor can be eliminated.

  • Occasionally sprinkle a layer of baking soda in your shoes to remove shoe odor.

  • Use camphor balls to remove shoe odor. Take a slightly hard paper and wrap the camphor balls in it. Crush the camphor balls into powder with a tool and sprinkle the powder into the shoes. Put a shoe pad on top. One camphor ball is enough for one pair of shoes, which will keep the shoes dry and eliminate the odor.

  • Use white vinegar to remove the odor from socks. Soak the socks in water containing a little white vinegar for a while, then rinse them with clean water. This will remove the odor and also have a bactericidal effect.

  • Use soap to remove the odor from the shoe cabinet. Just put a piece of soap in the shoe cabinet, and it will easily remove the odor from sports type shoes and the shoe cabinet.

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