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What Are the Different Types of Athletic Shoes for On-Site Activities?

Field sports shoes: basketball shoes

Basketball is a highly competitive sport that involves frequent starting, stopping, jumping, and horizontal and vertical movements. A pair of basketball shoes must have good durability, support, stability, flexibility, and excellent shock-absorbing effects.

Nowadays, basketball athletic shoes are not only used for playing basketball. After years of promotion by numerous brands, basketball shoes have become a leader in sports fashion. Therefore, more attention is paid to style and taste. In terms of functionality, they are equipped with top-class equipment. The style is generally high-top or mid-top to effectively protect the ankles, avoid sports injuries, and show outstanding performance in both sports and daily wear.

Field sports shoes: tennis shoes

Tennis is generally played on hard, clay, or grass courts. Tennis and basketball have similar foot movements: they require a lot of force, fluctuate in direction, and demand resistance to shock, good stability, excellent shock absorption, and non-slip properties. However, tennis is generally faster and more intense than basketball. Most tennis shoes are mid-low cut.

Design: the front rubber coverage is sufficient, especially with long extensions on both sides, which is conducive to rapid "braking" and timely positioning; the side of the forefoot is thick and strong, which is conducive to strengthening stability and preventing slipping in horizontal rapid movements. The rear part is small and flexible, which is conducive to quick backward movement and improving footwork.

Upper: large areas of genuine leather or synthetic leather are used with an inner layer of lining to improve the strength and flexibility of the upper. The inside of the toe and toe area are reinforced with wear-resistant materials to prevent premature wear and enhance movement stability. The lining is thick and soft, which is conducive to moisture absorption. The design is rich in layers and smooth lines, reflecting the professional color of tennis.

Due to the intensity and movement protection required for tennis, the most important design requirement for tennis shoes is strength and movement protection. The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber, with long walls on the front and back to prevent friction. The overall outsole is flat with fine patterns and complex directionalities to meet the frequent multidirectional movements of tennis and meet the requirements of anti-slip and wear resistance. The thickened cushioning design of the midsole heel can improve stability and adapt to the requirements of many jumps and shocks during movement. Some high-end products are also equipped with other special shock-absorbing materials to reflect more professional sports style.

Field sports shoes: soccer shoes

Soccer shoes can be divided into soccer training shoes and professional soccer shoes according to the different use venues. The upper is mostly designed to be simple, with large pieces of leather or leather as the main external material and an inner lining layer. The tongue has only the upper and lower layers, without sponge in the middle. The entire upper is close to the foot, which is conducive to fully conveying the power to the soccer ball when kicking.

Athletic leisure shoes are suitable for indoor soccer training. The upper is mostly made of genuine leather, PU leather, or ultra-fine fibers, which are close to the foot to improve ball control ability. Due to the excellent toughness of the materials, the toe of the atheletic style shoes is not easily deformed under high-intensity movements. The sides and heels of the shoe are supported by hard and wear-resistant high-strength PU leather. Generally, they are designed with a low-top style. The tread pattern of the outsole is composed of neatly arranged particles in a columnar shape, which is conducive to adapting to the grass field, making it more stable and anti-slip. The midsole mostly uses lightweight EVA slices to provide excellent shock-absorbing effects to meet the needs of professional soccer training and can also be worn in general non-professional soccer matches.

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