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Various Functional Designs of Sporty Shoes

Shock absorption effect of sporty shoes

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Refers to the effect of the sole of sporty shoes absorbing the shock and vibration generated when the foot lands. For example, air cushions, PU, MD, EVA, etc. all have shock absorption functions, especially air cushions are highly valued by people. When a person's foot lands, the impact force from the ground is usually 2-3 times the body weight, especially during jumping, it can be up to 10 times. A good shock absorption device can reduce this impact force. The PU air cushion shell is filled with a certain pressure of gas. When the sole of the foot lands, it can deform to disperse the impact force, thereby achieving a cushioning effect and avoiding injuries caused by excessive vibration.

Twist prevention system of sporty shoes

When athletes turn, turn back, or move sideways, different parts of the foot twist in different directions, which easily leads to sports-related sprains. By using high-density materials and installing a device on the inner side of the foot and arch of the foot, excessive inward inversion of the foot during movement can be prevented, thus avoiding sports-related sprains.

Energy return of sporty shoes

This refers to the ability of the sole of fashion sports sandals to store the energy generated by the ground and return it to the foot just before it leaves the ground. Among them, air cushions play the most significant role. When a person's foot lands, the foot gives energy to the air cushion, causing it to deform. When the person lifts the foot, the air cushion rebounds the energy back to the foot by restoring its original shape. In other words, when a person lifts the foot, the energy rebound from the air cushion assists in providing extra force, enabling the athlete to run faster and jump higher.

Fit and comfort of sports  type shoes

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Refers to the use of shoe last design, structural design (such as upper and sole stitching, important stress range structure, etc.), and the application of various new high-tech materials with superior stretch characteristics to make consumers feel comfortable and well-fitted.

Flexing effect of sports type shoes

There are many factors that affect the flexing effect of a pair of sports type shoes, such as the design of the upper, insole, midsole, and outsole. The overall requirement is that the flexing part should be consistent with the flexing part of the foot and should comply with the principles of sports physiology and biomechanics.

Slip resistance of sporty shoes

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Refers to the slip resistance or gripping force of the outsole on the ground. Insufficient slip resistance not only increases the risk of slipping and causing sports injuries, but also affects the performance of the user. The slip resistance is mainly reflected in the use of sole materials and the design of the outsole pattern, and it will be adjusted according to the different types of sports activities.

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