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Research Results and Analysis on the Technological Content of Sneaker Shoes

Sneaker shoe fastening system

If you further divide the upper of sneaker shoes, you can also separate the shoelaces. Shoelaces are undoubtedly the preferred way to comfortably and securely fasten your feet inside the shoes. The original lacing system may not be considered technology, but designers have put a lot of thought into better wrapping your feet. For example, some sneaker shoes add Velcro or buckles on the basis of shoelaces to further enhance stability. Some use elastic materials instead of shoelaces to provide a comfortable wrap for the feet. Others add a zipper on the surface of the shoes, which not only wraps the feet but also the shoelaces, thus avoiding accidents or injuries caused by stepping on loose shoelaces during sports.

Materials used for sneaker shoe uppers

Generally speaking, the commonly used materials for sneaker shoe uppers include the following: cowhide, synthetic leather, advanced synthetic leather, mesh fabric, anti-fur fabric, Lycra elastic fabric, etc. Many sneaker shoes add thermoplastic materials to the uppers, a hard and flexible plastic material, mainly to provide good support and protection for the shoes. These materials are considered basic rather than advanced technologies. The real technologies should be the following.


Research on sneaker shoe technologies

Science and technology is the primary productive force, and we are now living in the age of technology. The technological content of modern sneaker shoes is also increasing. Smart sneaker shoes have been developed, and we believe that the power of technology will make greater contributions to future sports, providing strong support for athlete protection and performance improvement. However, due to excessive commercial propaganda in the consumer era, many people have overlooked the understanding of sports technology. Relying solely on price and the promotion of merchants is not correct. We should have a clear and detailed understanding of these technologies to facilitate the selection of suitable sneaker shoes and protect our own bodies.

Products from famous sports brands are the first choice for sports university students to buy sneaker shoes, and they are also favored by students. Most people think that the prices are high. When buying sneaker shoes, the primary factors to consider are comfort and protection.

Most people are not clear about the technological content of sneaker shoes, and their understanding of technology mostly comes from magazines and advertisements. Some people overemphasize the ability of technology and are not rational enough when choosing sneaker shoes.

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