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Types of Athletic Shoes

When you were a kid, you probably put on long-tested athletic shoes for any activity from running to tennis. But times have changed. Today, almost every exercise or sport has a specific pair of athletic shoes. If you do specific exercise more than 2 days a week, please wear athletic leisure shoes suitable for that type of exercise. It can protect you from injury and even improve your game.

1. Breathable Athletic Shoes

When you are exercising, breathable athletic shoes can let you enjoy your own sports. And when you wear them for a long time, they are still breathable and make you comfortable and your foot feels light. They are of stable fit, sensitive response, leisure style, modern sense, and maximum cushioning effect. They can reduce the injury of the knee and ankle with shock absorption and decompression to provide power to go forward. Fast lacing design makes it more convenient to wear and take off. Breathable athletic shoes look more neutral, and men and women can wear them throughout the year.

2. Ultra-Light Walking Shoes

If you're a walker, please look for lightweight shoes. Ultralight walking shoes are great. You need additional shock absorption in the heel and ball of the foot to reduce pain and tenderness. Ultralight walking shoes with slightly rounded or "wobbly" soles help transfer weight more smoothly from heel to toe. Walking shoes are stiffer at the front, so you can roll your toes instead of bending them as you do in running shoes.

3. Classic Athletic Shoes

Classic athletic shoes will bring light and comfortable wearing feelings with leisure and fashion. They will create a man's body, sending out a strong safety and reliability. Choose to use the classic lacing way can adjust the comfort of wearing freely. Classic athletic shoes can protect the foot, reduce the risk of injury, and improve running stability when exercising. When you wear them, you will feel comfortable and look casual. They can match all kinds of clothing. They are simple and leisure, beautiful and delicate, light and breathable, cool and comfortable, which lets you in the center of the fashion trend.

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