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Basic Knowledge of Mountaineering Backpack

Today, when mountaineering activities are prevalent, all the supplies for mountaineering are carried by mountaineering backpacks, so what are the basic knowledge of mountaineering backpacks? Today, CYCN will share with you some basic knowledge of mountaineering backpacks, hoping to help you

1. Introduction of mountaineering backpack

Mountaineering backpacks are important equipment for carrying various travel items and are essential for travel. We can list mountaineering backpacks, clothing, food, mountaineering backpacks, shoes and sleeping bags as the five essential elements for field trips. A good backpack is a good partner. Travelers attach great importance to and cherish their mountaineering backpacks. In addition to mountaineering, mountaineering backpacks are also widely used in other adventure sports (such as rafting, crossing the desert, etc.) and long-distance travel.

2. Classification of mountaineering backpacks

Mountaineering backpacks are divided into two categories: one is a large backpack with a volume of 50--80 liters; the other is a small backpack with a volume of 20--35 liters, also known as "assault bag".

3. Cleaning skills for mountaineering backpacks

Before cleaning the outdoor sports bag, the first thing we have to do is to look at the instruction manual of the backpack and see what taboos on washing are on the instruction manual. When washing, we must first pick up a basin of clean water and leave it for more than half an hour, because the current tap water has added chlorine powder and other substances that are easy to cause corrosion to sports bags wholesale or mountaineering bags. If we do not pay attention for a long time, these substances are very It is easy to oxidize and discolor the surface of our backpack, which affects the overall appearance of the backpack.

If the surface of the backpack is not very dirty, we can use a cloth or a brush to clean the surface, but one thing to note is that we can't use too much force when cleaning, so that it is easy to make the cleaned part and the shoulders. Chromatic aberration occurs elsewhere on the package surface. Another point that needs to be emphasized is that we also need to clean the small parts such as the zipper on the backpack on time. If it is made of metal, we can wipe it with a wet towel, and then it must be dried with a dry towel or used air-dry with a hair dryer. If there are plastic parts, rinse them directly with water.

There must be such an experience in our outdoor life. After the gym bag is used for a period of time, the webbing of the shoulder strap is likely to be fluffed. At this time, most people must directly fluff the place. Pull it off by hand, but this will not only not solve the problem fundamentally, but it will also damage the shoulder straps of the backpack in the long run. The correct way should be to re-weave the fluff, or use a needle and thread to sew it up to avoid loosening the shoulder straps for too long.

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