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Origins and Functions of Football Athletic Shoes

The origin of football athletic shoes

Football athletic shoes originated from early football athletic shoes that adopted high-cut designs and looked very similar to boots, hence the term "football boots" for some people's favorite football athletic shoes. After decades of continuous development, football athletic shoes tend to become low-cut nowadays.

As early as 2004, FIFA confirmed that football originated in China, where Cuju (a traditional Chinese ball game that is similar to soccer) was played in the Qi State during the Spring and Autumn Period. The first pair of specialized football shoes with documented records came from the second monarch of the Tudor dynasty, King Henry VIII of England and Ireland. These athletic leisure shoes were listed under his personal inventory in 1526 and cost 4 shillings (equivalent to 100 pounds today), made by his personal shoemaker.

In the 19th century, with the popularization and standardization of football, players began to wear boots with six studs on them. In the 20th century, professional football athletic shoes manufacturers emerged. In the mid-20th century, the Dassler brothers from Germany invented replaceable studs to adapt to different weather and field conditions. With the emergence of sports industry giants, football shoes have also established their basic appearance, and more flexible low-cut designs have become widely used.

The functions of football athletic shoes

Improve sports performance

The primary function of fashion sneaker shoes football shoes is to improve players' sports performance. The comfortable wrapping sensation helps players to perform more accurately in technical aspects such as passing, control, and shooting, providing enough strength. Moreover, the fusion of various high-tech elements provides assistance to fully tap into the players' potential.

Provide foot protection

During the game, a player's movements can be broken down into three scenarios: long-distance running without the ball, short-term passing plays with the ball, and confrontations against opponents. Football shoes are designed according to the above scenarios, as well as ensuring sports performance, to protect the player's feet as much as possible. It is worth mentioning that in order to provide better protection, compared with regular athletic shoes, football shoes have significant differences in tongue design, heel lock, and sole support devices.

Increase grip strength

Football pitches are mainly natural or artificial grass fields, which are prone to slipping. To improve grip, most fashionable athletic shoes have studs (excluding those applicable to flat fields). Studs also appear as the primary difference in appearance between football shoes and regular sports shoes.

Sense of identification with football stars

Many football enthusiasts choose to wear the same fashion athletic shoes as their favorite football stars. The feeling of wearing the same shoes as their idols gives them a sense of invincibility. In fact, this is a self-psychological suggestion behavior, which is a typical reflex of humans.

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