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Antimicrobial Performance Becomes the New Standard for Athletic Shoes

The significance of standards for athletic shoe enterprises

The test methods for the antiseptic properties of upper materials, linings and insoles of athletic shoes are generally applicable to all types of shoes, but the characteristics of athletic shoes themselves determine that they are in a high-intensity and closed-use environment. Bacteria easily breed, so their antibacterial properties should be given more attention to reduce bacterial growth and cross-infection, and reduce foot diseases.

As a guiding standard with universal significance, its emphasis on antibacterial properties should be given more attention by shoemaking companies. Enterprises should be responsible to society and consumers, further improve the scientific and technological content of products, and truly produce athletic shoes that meet the antibacterial standards, making sports comfortable, refreshing and healthy.

In addition, production companies should also research and develop high-end shoes that meet their different sport requirements based on different sport characteristics. For example, football shoes not only need to be wear-resistant and anti-fold, but also mainly need to be non-slip, waterproof, have good heat dissipation performance, and have large elastic force.

Changes in athletic shoe standards

The development of standards has also gone through several stages. From 1990 to 1997, the public mainly cared about the physical performance quality of shoes, so the physical performance of shoes was the main focus of standards. In recent years, with people's attention to the safety of consumer goods, the safety and hygiene performance of shoes has become the main focus of standards.

The requirements of consumers for athletic leisure shoes such as being strong, beautiful, safe, hygienic and comfortable are constantly increasing. At the same time, the focus of the national shoe standardization committee on standards is also constantly changing. The road to "standards" is still long. How to improve product structure and enhance differentiation competition ability based on market demand is a problem facing all athletic shoe production companies.

It is reported that with the change in focus, companies have increasingly attached importance to standards and actively participated in the formulation of standards. Especially after the financial crisis, entrepreneurs have consciously strengthened the requirements for quality and safety, paid more attention to standard training, and strived to cultivate a few knowledgeable people in the enterprise to enhance the risk awareness and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Nowadays, many international technical trade barriers are implemented or executed with European standards or international standards as thresholds. In the past, we have never participated in the development of international standards, and the power of speech was in the hands of others. This breakthrough has several meanings. First, China has become the first international standard developer and leader, winning China's international voice for the footwear industry; second, it has boosted industry confidence and proved that China's footwear industry is not only a large-scale producer, but also has leading technological advantages.

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