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What should we carry in our gym bag when working out?

Many novice friends of fitness find that they need to buy a fitness bag and put some small fitness objects in it after exercising for a period of time. So as a fitness novice, what should we put in our fitness backpack?

1. The fitness backpack can be packed in a sealed plastic bag

Although plastic bags are very inconspicuous, plastic bags can play a big role in our fitness. For example, you can use plastic bags to separate some clothes or shoes from other items in the wholesale gym bags. You can also use these sealed bags. Use a plastic bag to store your toiletries or underwear; if you accidentally get injured during the gym, you can also use a sealed plastic bag to apply ice after getting ice.

2. Fitness backpack can be loaded with sports clothing

Generally better gyms or fitness clubs will provide changing rooms and personal belonging boxes, so that you can bring your sports clothes and change into comfortable and warm sportswear suitable for sports in the gym. The choice of sportswear can be based on your choice. According to their own fitness plan, girls must bring their own sports bra.

3. Fitness backpack can be loaded with sports shoes

It is very helpful to have a pair of suitable shoes for fitness in the gym. If you have weightlifting or squat, deadlift and other heavy lower body training that day, you can put on comfortable shoes and exercise. Flip-flops can also be installed in the sports bag for easy use when washing in the gym or health club. Of course, you should also prepare 2-3 pairs of socks. If the gym has a personal belonging box, you can put these things in the box.

4. The fitness backpack can be equipped with a hair band or an antiperspirant belt

Exercising in the gym will inevitably cause a lot of sweat. It is estimated that many fitness friends have this experience. The sweat droplets on the face or head will flow down to the face or eyes. In this way, we need an antiperspirant belt to stop sweating for us. Girls can use a hairband to tie their hair and put it back to prevent the hair from covering the face when exercising.

5. Fitness backpack can hold water cups

We lose a lot of water when exercising in the gym, so it is essential to bring a water cup in our fitness backpack to replenish water in time, and we can also drink some fitness supplements before and after exercise to improve our fitness effect, and avoid We buy some expensive water at the gym, after all, fitness is a high consumption.

6. The fitness backpack can hold emergency medicines

Exercising in the gym will inevitably encounter some bumps and bumps, which requires us to put some first-aid medicines in the fitness backpack, such as Band-Aids, iodine, bandages, portable ice packs and so on.

7. Fitness backpack can hold towels

It is very wise to bring a towel when working out in the gym, we tend to sweat a lot while working out. Bring a towel to wipe the sweat from your body in time. Since many fitness equipment in the gym are public, if we bring a towel, we can spread the towel on top of these fitness equipment at this time to isolate the fitness equipment that is sweated by other people from direct contact with our skin.

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