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What Is the Difference Between Regular Running Shoes and Running Shoes for Slow Running?

Start with foot type when choosing sports shoes

Normal arch: for people with normal arches, buying shoes is less of a hassle, as general types of running sports shoes are suitable. High arch: the narrow and long wet stain indicates a high arch. You should avoid stability-enhancing shoes, as limited inward rotation of the ankle during running can easily lead to inadequate shock absorption, resulting in injury to the waist, back, and knee joints. The selection of running shoes should be those with "shock-absorbing cushioning". Low arch: if your footprint shows a rectangular shape, you are probably flat-footed or have low arches. When running, excessive inward rotation of the ankle can cause foot fatigue and knee pain over time, so shoes with reinforced arch support inserts should be selected, suitable for stability and cushioning shoes.

The difference between running shoes and slow running shoes

Scope of coverage

In fact, from the perspective of coverage, running-style sports shoes are the general term for all running shoes, while slow running shoes are specifically designed for slow running during running, so the definition of running shoes must be larger than that of slow running shoes in terms of scope. Slow running shoes are a specific branch of running shoes.

Style type

Specifically, running shoes cover all types of running sports shoes. According to different technical configurations and different applicable venues and people, running shoes include six categories: action control, shock absorption and cushioning, stability, competition, cross-country, and casual. Shock-absorbing and cushioning shoes are suitable for young people, stability shoes are suitable for adults, competition shoes are suitable for professional athletes, cross-country shoes are suitable for outdoor sports, and wholesale urban shoes are suitable for general exercise. If divided by brand, the variety is even more numerous and dazzling. Slow sports shoes, on the other hand, are leisure running shoes in the category of running shoes, and are not recommended to be worn in professional running competitions.

Technical configuration

In terms of technical configuration, the technical configuration of running shoes is both low and high, with different configurations for different types to enable athletes to perform better in competitions and to prevent sports injuries to the greatest extent possible. Slow running shoes are more suitable for general sports enthusiasts, and their technical configuration is not high.

The difference between sports shoes and running shoes with flat or separated soles

Flat soled shoes are more suitable for landing the entire foot (including forefoot, midfoot, and heel), while separated soled shoes are better for forefoot landing or heel contact. One of the factors when choosing between "flat soled" and "separated soled" running shoes is the runner's arch tolerance. Separated sports shoes have less support for the inner arch of the foot, making them less suitable for runners with low arch tolerance, which can cause soreness on the inside of the foot. Flat soled shoes have relatively longer ground contact times, while separated soled shoes have shorter contact times due to less foam and reduced weight, resulting in a relatively smaller contact area. However, this is not necessarily true for most marathon shoes from various brands, although they are designed with flat soles, they can still have reduced contact times due to their lightweight design.

Flat soled sports shoes can make the running posture more stable, while separated soled running shoes can make the runner's posture less stable. Stability factors include muscle strength, running posture, and landing sequence. People who are used to wearing flat soled running shoes may initially find that the angle of landing and the movement of muscle groups are different when wearing separated soled shoes, but the stability of the running posture can be adjusted through training.

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