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What Are the Types of Outdoor Sports Backpacks?

1. Travel bag

Travel bag, also known as travel bag, is a product developed by travel and tourism. At present, tourism projects are developing rapidly at home and abroad, and various types of travel bags have also evolved. During the journey, it can bring us convenience and make the items easy to pack and carry. Therefore, according to the length and distance of the travel time, you need to choose the appropriate travel bag.

First of all, the types of travel athletic bags can be divided into backpacks, handbags, and trolley bags according to their shapes. Travel bags are divided into daily urban travel or short-distance travel bags according to daily use. Travel bags generally have a removable top bag or waist bag. After arriving at the destination, you can put the commonly used things in the top bag or waist bag, leave the large bag at the destination, and then pack lightly. Although carrying a large travel bag and filling it with heavy luggage, it seems that the cool posture will attract a lot of attention, but as long as you can understand the weight of your shoulders, no one will take care of your shoulders, so you must be sure when you travel. To do what you can, be sure to "measure the body and choose the bag" when choosing a travel bag.

When choosing a sports travel bag, you must try the weight, that is, put something suitable for your luggage in the bag to test the effect, or use your partner's travel bag to test the back, and pay attention to whether the travel bag and your back are tight when trying to carry stickers, whether the belt and chest straps are suitable, and men's and women's should be separated, etc. With a good travel bag, not filling will also make your back sore. According to the clerk of the field supply store, the usual order of filling items is (bottom-up) sleeping bags and clothing, lighter equipment, heavier equipment, supplies, and beverages. When purchasing a travel sports bag, it is best to go to a professional store to ask a professional to help you buy it. You must be picky when purchasing, don't just look at the brand.

2. Bicycle special bag 

It is divided into two types: bag type and backpack type. The hanging bag type can be carried on the back or hung on the front handle of the bicycle or on the rear shelf. Backpacks are primarily used for bike trips that require high-speed riding. The bike bags are equipped with reflective strips that reflect light to ensure safety when riding at night.

3. Backpack 

This type of sports backpack consists of a bag body and an external aluminum alloy shelf. It is used to carry items that are bulky and difficult to fit into backpacks, such as camera boxes, gas tanks, etc. In addition, many backpacks also often indicate which sports are suitable for on the sign.

4. Mountaineering bag

The large mountaineering bag is mainly used to transport mountaineering materials in mountaineering, and the small mountaineering bag is generally used for high-altitude climbing or assaulting the summit. Mountaineering sports backpacks are designed to cope with extreme environments. They are exquisite and unique. Generally, the body is slender and long. The back of the bag is designed according to the natural curve of the human body, so that the body of the bag is close to the back of the person, so as to reduce the pressure on the shoulders by the straps. These bags are all waterproof and won't leak even in heavy rain.

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