Sports Type Shoes

Running Shoes and Jogging Shoes of Sports Type Shoes

Sports Type Shoes: Running Shoes

Training running shoes that can adapt to many road conditions such as asphalt, gravel, and grass are generally comfortable to wear, beautiful and stable. The men's shoes have smooth lines and full of dynamism, while the women's shoes are light and exquisite, with a simple design. They are usually low-cut styles.

(1) Appearance: The outer side of the heel of the outsole is cut up, reducing obstacles during exercise, and the forefoot has a high rebound angle, which promotes running. The forefoot is wide and low on the side, allowing the feet to move freely.

(2) Upper: The upper is mainly made of mesh material (for breathability and weight reduction), supplemented by high-strength artificial breathable leather or ultra-fine fiber material, and embellished with special design and craftsmanship to achieve an elegant and refreshing visual effect. It is breathable, lightweight, soft, comfortable to wear, and not too loose.

(3) Midsole: The midsole is made of shock-absorbing and lightweight materials. The midsole has a curved groove design, which allows the feet to flex freely during exercise.

(4) Outsole: Because running is a relatively simple directional sport (forward), the outsole (sole) is made of wear-resistant and slip-resistant carbon rubber, and is designed with undulating particles or block shapes to adapt to a variety of road surfaces. The sole is equipped with bending grooves to effectively achieve shock absorption, stability, and increased traction, flexibility, and slip resistance.

Arch and inner side of the foot: The twist system made of high-density materials and TPU materials is installed on the inner side and arch of the foot to prevent excessive inward rotation of the foot during exercise and avoid sports injuries. It also allows the sole and heel to naturally twist in response to the ground conditions, improving stability and control during exercise, and enhancing midsole strength by effectively decomposing arch pressure.

Toe, heel, and side: The toe, heel, and side are reinforced with several hot-melt adhesive patches to enhance stability and durability.

Features of running shoes and athletic leisure shoes: lightweight, soft, elastic; wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, and slip-resistant; good breathability, traction, flexibility, stability, durability, and deodorizing and health functions.

Sports Type Shoes: Jogging Shoes

Suitable for smooth road conditions, low-impact fitness jogging, the material characteristics are not much different from professional running shoes, but the design is simple, clear, and the average weight is better than other similar products.

(1) Shoe last: Professional shoe lasts are designed according to the shape of the foot to suit various types of people.

(2) Outsole: Adopt a one-piece non-slip rubber outsole, which has the same function as professional running shoes, but with a simpler design. The sole pattern is usually grooved or stepped, which can increase wear resistance and slip resistance.

(3) Midsole: Use EVA slices with good shock absorption to meet athletes' requirements for comfort. EVA itself has good elasticity, which can reduce pressure and vibration.

(4) Upper: Running shoes use breathable sandwich mesh, and are equipped with soft, durable, and good toughness materials such as cow suede, space leather, PU leather, and ultra-fine fiber to add elegance and leisure to the shoes. Some styles use efficient 3M reflective materials, which can make the feet "shine" more at night and look full of energy.

(5) The insole of running shoes uses antibacterial and odor-resistant technology, combined with shock-absorbing and pressure-reducing materials such as latex slices and anti-slip fabrics, which can reduce negative pressure on the feet and make wearing more comfortable.

Features: lightweight, comfortable, shock-absorbing, breathable, and odor-resistant.

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