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Athletic Shoe Design

According to the shape of sports shoes, their components are vamp, shoe tongue, eyelet stay, eyebrow lining, the flap in the back, the top of the shoe piece, shoe mouth, front lining, back lining, and other related side pieces. And sports shoes have a wide range. Because each type of sports shoe is different in nature and function, the vamp shape is more or less different, but we can still find out its design rules according to the needs of its function. The design principle is still based on six points of design.

1. Heel Height

Location: It is in the centerline of the heel and must be above the heel bone.

Elements: Set the heel height limit of athletic leisure shoes in order to really firm the heel. There are three design methods, which is flat, single peak, and double peak.

2. Ankle Height

Location: It is about 1/4 of the bottom length from the back end.

Elements: The design principle is that lower than the ankle bone below 10-15mm is the low design, and the semi-high or high design must cover the ankle bone, otherwise wearing them will be easy to friction and blistering.

3. The Length of Toe

Location: It is from the highest point of stretch back to the height of the heel (use flat or ear-type height as the measuring point).

Elements: The design principle is that its periphery can cover the back half of the foot or the lower end of the leg bone, and the length is different from the design of athletic shoes.

4. The Highest Point of Stretch Back of Topline

Location: It takes from the intersection point of the long line of athletic shoes and the centerline of the stretch back and makes a straight line perpendicular to the centerline, and then measures 90mm to 100mm upward from the vertical line of the bottom.

Elements: The design principle is related to the height of the back and the design area.

5. The Length of Opening

Location: It is from the centerline of the stretch back, measuring an appropriate position from the tip of athletic shoe heads. The position varies according to the type of shoes.

Elements: This point is the demarcating point of shoe head and shoe waist, and the former is three-dimensional space while the latter is two-dimensional space. The point should avoid the bending point of the forefoot and pulling stretch easily is a principle.

6. The Spacing of Opening 

Location: It is on the vertical line between the opening point and the centerline of the stretch back. The point depends on the type of athletic shoes designed.

Elements: Usually this point is more inorganic energy limitation, only for the convenience of modeling.

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